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Children are the future of our world and we believe that the more we can improve their lives, the better we can make the world. It is this belief, and the joy that comes from seeing children’s smiling faces that motivates and inspires our products, both in their design and social impact.

Our desire is to develop a global footprint, to help kids across the world. From children in rural villages in China, to inner city kids in the United States, and all children in between.  We look to partner strategically with organizations that would allow us to spread help across the world.


This is our guiding principle at Modern Cover. As we grow, so we also want our impact to grow across the globe, to the benefit of children everywhere possible.

At this time, we are currently in search of partner charities and organizations that focus on increasing the quality of life for children. We particularly desire to work with those charities that give the most to the mission, while maintaining low operating expenditures. “Do the most good” not only applies to us here at Modern Cover, but should be a shared principle of our partners as well. If you know, or are a part of a charity that would like to share in our vision, please let us know at

At Modern Cover we desire to do good with design. Our focus is to help kids in as many difficult situations as possible—poverty, homelessness, starvation, abuse, and others—by contributing a percentage of all sales to various organizations which work to benefit of children. As we grow, so we also want our contributions to children to parallel or exceed the growth of Modern Cover.






At Modern Cover we desire growth so we can establish direct cooperation and activities for children around the world, without the middle man. This will allow us the greatest impact, and greater connections between customer and those whom they help.


All of our efforts and goals drive, and are driven by design. Care is taken so that our designs reflect the child-focused nature of our work. We strive for enjoyable, unique but universal designs  that beautifully warm and cover the hands of our valued customers.

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