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At MODERN COVER, good design and good action is our passion. We want every single product to have an impact on children across the world.


I grew up in Northern China at 7,200 feet up, where the winters are long and cold. When I was a child, the northern part of China was very undeveloped. The kids always had dry cracked hands and rosy cheeks due to the harsh winters.

After coming to study in Minneapolis the winter reminded me of my childhood.  While working on my MFA thesis project, I realized that I wanted to use my design ability to do something for kids who suffer the cold and disease, especially in the cold winter. This is how the MODERN COVER™ brand came to be.

Hands for me always had a very special meaning. It means friendliness and help, it connected me with people, and with this beautiful world.


In the immediate future we contribute through charitable giving to select organizations that make big impacts. In the future, we are looking to be more directly involved--organizing trips to bring children what they may need, interact with them, and allow them to create inspiration for MODERN COVER.


Our unique and playful designs are inspired by the creativity and fun that children bring into this world. Thus, we want our products to be able to play a part in encouraging that creativity and fun in children.


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